Exciting Changes for 2017

What is Changing?   Beginning January 2017, NADR will begin utilizing SNP technology in tandem with our current STR technology.

What is SNP Technology? SNP stands for single nucleotide polymorphisms. This is the gold standard for genetic improvement of traditional livestock and is essential for the future of our industry.

How does SNP technology work and what are some advantages? SNP’s will provide a dense distribution across all chromosomes in the genome and will provide a greater level of resolution and complement our existing STR assays.

Offers ease of data interpretation and reduces technical difficulties associated with data generation, and analysis.

This technology is very amenable to robotics which reduces human technical errors and improves efficiency.

How will SNP technology be used in the Registry? All parentage tests for the next several years will be tested utilizing both our current STR technology as well as SNP technology. This will ensure an easier transition when we migrate to utilizing only SNP’s.

Will also provide a flexible platform that allows for additional trait-associated SNP markers to be easily added at any time.

Who will be the laboratory testing the samples and why did we switch? NADR has decided to utilize GeneSeek, located in Lincoln Nebraska as our primary laboratory to provide genetic services. They are one of the leading commercial agriculture genetic laboratories who currently work with animal registries.

Utilizing GeneSeek will enable NADR to utilize SNP technology immediately.

 How will this change affect the breeder utilizing NADR’s services?  All samples will continue to be sent to our office in Edmond, Oklahoma utilizing the same forms and contact info. To allow the NADR staff time to transition to the new laboratory as well as a new database, samples received after December 9th may be delayed a few weeks.  If you can send prior to that date, it will ensure timely processing before year end.

The good news is that we will be able to offer a price reduction beginning in January. Parentage tests will be reduced to $70 and $65 for manual and electronic submissions, respectively. CWD (Prion Gene) test will be reduced from $35 to $10 per animal if requested with parentage.  Work Orders will be reduced from $50 to $25.  Once NADR has fully converted to SNP technology in the next few years, then we expect the laboratory costs to decrease which should be beneficial for all breeders.

Feel free to contact the NADR office should you have any questions regarding this announcement.